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Custom work


I create custom paintings for a variety of specific places and rooms

Living Room
Baby Room


I create illustrations for different printwork and occasions

Wedding invitations
Holiday greeting cards
Baby announcements
Illustrated quotes
Personal greeting cards


I create custom poetry to express deep feelings for life events and other meaningful moments

Expressions of gratitude
Personal messages

Creating things
that make you feel seen

Why I make custom work

I aim to create works that you keep looking at and that make you feel. I felt so completely disconnected that my work is now focused on the opposite: making a connection. This is why I choose to create works on a commission base. It connects me even more to the people who connect with me and my work. I love to make personal art that fits with you.

Process for custom order

I work from my atelier at my home in Heeze, the Netherlands. You can make an appointment to come view my work there in person to see which style/work resonates with you. If you are not in the capacity to visit my studio, I will supply you with examples of other works and inspiration to create a good shared idea of how the work will be. This can be in the form of a moodboard or the case of poetry a few keywords or themes. After this, we will discuss size, style, etc. When we agree that I am the suitable person to create a custom work for you, we will agree on a price and I will provide a timeline. I will have frequent updates for you if you like that, or you can keep the result a surprise, that is up to you.

Other requests or wildcards

I am experienced in creating art for specific life events like weddings. And I also love to create unique artwork suited to your home and interior style. But I love to experiment and try new things, I even did a body painting and photoshoot for a pregnancy artwork. So if you are wondering whether I am the person to help you out? Get in touch, I love a challenge!

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